About Us

Orion Computer and Language Institute is a skill development and vocational training center,actively contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of poor and disadvantaged people and unemployed youths and art and awareness programs for school children in Nepal. Orion has been working in Nepal for more than 5 years. Currently, it runs more than fifteen projects in seven working areas: Leadership and Capacity Building, Non violent Communication, Art and awareness, Environment and Climate, Education (School Environment) and Skills Development (Computer Education, Bakery) and Peace. In addition, the project provides counseling and vocational skills trainings to ensure better employment.

Orion supports projects aimed at skill development, motivation, positive thinking, leadership and non-violent conflict resolutions. It seconds experts to assist local partner organizations i.e. clubs, women groups, youth groups and children groups. Its objectives are to train people and make them self dependent, provide income generating skills, prevent violent conflicts, the reduction of violence and the long term securing of peace.

NVC cooperates with local partner organizations that

  • Build structures of cooperation and dialogue across lines of conflict.
  • Create meeting points and safe spaces where parties to a conflict can meet.
  • Strengthen information and communication structures that trace the causes and consequences of violent conflict (including the promotion of peace Journalism, the networking of peace-building organizations, and monitoring the development of conflicts)
  • Provide assistance to groups that are particularly affected by violence and ease their re-integration into society (e.g by providing counseling and social support for or working with traumatized survivors),
  • Provide assistance and training in methods and concepts of civil conflict resolution,
  • Devise courses in peace education and in dismantling enemy stereotypes.
  • Restore confidence in local law and order and campaign for human rights.

 A number of local youths and peace keepers have joined up to form the NVC.

The objective of the NVC group is to resolve conflicts through social change and sustainable development based on human rights. NVC aims to reinforce local civil structures for peaceful conflict transformation by:

  • Assisting local actors in preventing conflicts from erupting.
  • Supporting peaceful conflict resolution, and
  • Building sustainable structures that help to secure peace over the long term.

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